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Hey Joel,

Will hardship suspensions go away in January 2019? If someone takes a hardship today, do we stop the suspension on Jan. 1, 2019?

~ Anxious in Alabama

Dear Anxious,

First, understand that we are all still awaiting further guidance from the IRS/Treasury on the new hardship safe harbor rules. The suspensions don’t so much as “go away” as much as the necessity to suspend deferrals potentially becomes optional. That said, if a plan wants to keep the suspension, I believe they may do so. The only question would be whether or not the safe harbor remains intact for the plan sponsor. As originally stated, we are still waiting on additional guidance from the IRS/Treasury on whether or not all the new rules would be required, or are just optional, for the safe harbor protection.

Also anxious,

Joel Shapiro, JD, LLM

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As a former practicing ERISA attorney Joel works to ensure that plan sponsors stay fully informed on all legislative and regulatory matters. Joel earned his Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and his Juris Doctor from Washington College of Law at the American University.

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