Retirement Plan Partner Process



Step 1: Find exceptional service provider addressing your goals

• Fee benchmarking/full vendor search
• Meets fiduciary obligation to ensure competitiveness within the market place
• Improves decision making for choosing a new provider

Step 2: Investment due diligence to enhance investment opportunities

• Institutional approach utilizing a well-documented process and methodology
• Investment Policy Statement creation and monitoring
• Fiduciary investment reviews
• Quarterly market summary

Step 3: Fiduciary guidance – Fiduciary Fitness Program™

• Our program provides resources as a means to identifying potential weaknesses in your plan and remedy them through education, due diligence, and a documented process
• Fiduciary Report Card™
• Fiduciary Plan Review™
• Client Reference Guide™

Step 4: Active approach to prepare participants for retirement

• Teach the Paychecks for Life™ System – nine core principles for building a paycheck manufacturing company from the employers 401(k)

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